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The Netherlands

Posted by Nikenick - August 28th, 2008

I live in this country, and I'll give you some reasons why I love it <3

- We can drink when we're 16.
My sweet 16 party was awesome ^_^

- Some drugs are legal here, the ones that make you happy and less aggressive.
Because of this you can make money in the drugs buisness since it isn't illegal.
80% of the tourists comes to The Netherlands for the drugs.

- We have proven that it's possible to live beneath the sea level.
Our Dikes and the 'Delta Works' are very beautiful to look at.
It's definitely worth the visit!

- We first made a very big dike to connect one part of our country to another. It's called the Afsluitdijk.
It's really amazing, but then we did something that's even better!
We turned a piece of sea into land, and we called it Flevoland!
So that whole provence used to be a part of the sea, amazing huh?

- Our country got the least car accident ratio of Europe, almost all our roads are very safe.
We introduced the green stripes between a road, which means that you can go 100km/h there.

- Our schools are really REALLY good compared to other countries, I really noticed that the average Dutch person knows way more then the average American.
This is probaly because our schooling system
is way different then the system of other countries.

- We were the first country in the world where Euthanesia and gay marriages were allowed. Just click the links and read the articles to know more ;)

- We have an unique political system
Again, read the articles

- We are the tallest people in the world, I'm 6'5 myself =)

- We don't have a strict religion
Not many people are christian or muslin or have another religion.

- We're famous for our clogs, Polders, Windmills and Tulips

I'll add more stuff later, I hope this was educational for you. Thanks for reading!

I'm starting a new friend list, since almost all my friends don't talk to me anymore.
Here are my true friends ( I guess):


The Netherlands

Comments (60)

well, being born about 35 kilometres away from the border to the netherlands, i can say: the netherlands do rock!!!

well, germany is worse...
but we also can drink with 16 here, yay!

(lol i'm one of the 20% NOT coming for the drugs^^)

Haha, The Netherlands do rock =D
So where do you live then?

Germany is a cool country too, and I thought you had to be 18 to drink there?
I couldn't get beer there because I had to be 18 =/

Whaha XD

you gotta be 16 here for beer, wine and this stuff...
18 for vodka, gin....

well, nobody actually cares for this law, so even 14-years old can drink everything they want

Same here.
But I went to this place called 'Kernwasser Wunderland' and they said that I had to be 18 in Germany.

It was like 5 months ago.

And nobody cares about the law here too, but sometimes the police comes by so they can't give it to underaged people anymore.

lol sometimes it doesn't work...
kernwasser wunderland?
sounds like a wellness-center

Kernwasser Wunderland used to be a 'Kernkraftwerk' but there was this protest so it never has been used.
But it was build, so they changed it into a hotel and a amusement park.
The amusement park was closed when we were there, but the hotel was awesome, it had alot of clubs in it and the drink were FREE.

I saw sooo many drunk German people in there.
Seriously, it's an awesome place.

... I hate living in a Country founded by Puritans... Fucking Christians...

lmao, move to a better country then =b



u like never talk 2 me anymore

Yes, but am I the one who gotta start every conversation by leaving a comment?
I don't think so.

William of Orange.

Yes =D
He's a mighty man indeed.

Hey, I'm your friend, right? D:

Also, you wanted me to do a squid, and I did. :3

I'll put you up then!

Awesome =3

The Red on your Flag is supposed to be Orange. :O

Really? O_o
Where did you read that?

I read it in a Book. It's supposed to be Orange, for William, but Orange is unstable, so Red became a Substitute.

You actually taught me something about my own country lol.

I know. I'm a Genius.

Don't get cocky =b

Actually, I'm not kidding. Scored 135, 25 away from Genius.

I scored 144 LAWL =)
And it was an English test, I would've done it better in Dutch.

... Why do you always have to make ME look bad? It's only the MATH I struggled in!

Math is my best part ^_^
And logic =D

... I bet I could beat you Shogi!

What's Shogi???

Awesome waffles, I'm on a list of some sort. :3 :3 :3

We must celebrate =3

With toast?

And waffles!

Ok, but only if Stingwaffles is there.

You forgat about the crab, I want the crab.

I like The Netherlands. I only passed through it on the way to Germany with some friends but it was much nicer then Germany. We sailed over from England to Rotterdam. Some awesome wind turbines.

It's way better then Germany!!

I can windsurf here, it's so awesome.

I'd gladly move over there than stay in Britain :D

Driving on the right side of the road > Driving on the left side of the road.

This is Actually REALLY interesting!

I know! =D

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