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Happeh Clokk Dhey! Happeh Clokk Dhey!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

A masterpiece.

Graphics - The graphics and animation are great, one of the best I've seen this clockday. Thumbs up!

Sound - Very funny voices, they made me laugh. They made the movie even better!

Storyline - I didn't really saw a storyline, just some random short sketches but ah well, 'I eat shit for breakfast' was kinda funny.

Great flash, keep the good work up!

Happy Clockday!



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Doberman responds:

I want your penis.

The Music Video Collab The Music Video Collab

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice collab!

It's a collab, so it's pretty hard to review but I just review every single part of it:

Simple-line - See the world:
His parts definitely have the worst graphics, just a few simple lines and that's it.
The characters he drew are just so simple, and because he did the first part I thought that the whole flash would have this poor graphics..

But the storyline of the first part is definitely the funniest, it made me laugh.
But if he would have drawn it better it would be even better!

raz183 - Rock the Dragon:
It starts of great, cool graphics and animation.
Then a decent fighting scene and then it suddenly ends!
I don't get the joke or the story , is this just a random battle?
I don't think this belongs in a music collab, but it was decent..

Lifes-a-bitch - Jason 'shyboy' Arnold:
I don't have much to say about this one, it haves a great animation and graphics, they are way better then the previous ones.
And it just fit's perfectly with the song, so it's pretty cool!

Simple-one - Obstacle 1:
I really didn't understand this one, it's just a squid with a guitar and some drumbs who are poorly animated.
It wasn't really funny, just awkward..

GlowingMonkey - somebody told me:
Very short but pretty funny, the background is pretty awkward but the characters are pretty cool.
Cool graphics and nice animation!

Simple-line - enter a uh:
This part definitely got better graphics and animation then his previous parts!
But the song was just awfull to hear and I thought the story was pretty awkward.
Nevertheless, I think this is cool since the graphics are a lot better..

CobaltChloride - From the Floorboards Up:
I think this is the best part of the whole collab, it haves the best animation and graphics, the storyline is funny yet cool and the song is great.
Great job CobaltChloride!

helang7 - Get low:
Ok this was pretty random, the background was very nice and the bee looked decent.
The song is awesome but what's the point of this? The bee's just moving up and down and shaking a bit. It's pointless!

GlowingMonkey - Nothing At All:
Your other part got better graphics, but I kinda like this one too.
The storyline was funny and unexpected just like the other one, good job on that!

Simple-line - Obstacle 2:
The best animation and graphics he done so far, I think this one is great!
It's funny and it haves good graphics.
Just kinda awkward characters, they look really weird.
If he did all his parts in this style it would be way better!

stickmanslasherguy - Around the world:
It's just a loop with decent graphics and animation.
The fact that it's just a loop makes it funny, he's just singing the same over and over again.
I laughed hard when I saw this, good job!

RESPRiT - Through the fire and flames:
The graphics and animation are just awesome in this one, it's really really nice!
The song is awesome and the story is cool since he's playing the intro of the song.
But I was just getting into the song and then the song suddenly stopped..
I was like: Huh? This was just turning out to be great and then it suddenly stopped!

Simple-Line: My smile is a rifle:
Funny yet simple, graphics are decent but the story is funny.
It tricked me when the screen zoomed out, I thought it was just a tunnel and not a bullet wound.

Overall points of approvement:
You should put like 1-2 seconds between every part, like a fading screen or something else. Since now a part suddenly ends and another suddenly starts, it's confusing if you watch it the first time.

The list of participants, artists and songs in order of appearance isn't correct, I reviewed it in order of appearence so you should change that.

I like this collab, you all have very different drawing styles and that's what makes it cool.
Most of the parts were funny , but there could be some improvements in some parts.
I think you all did a great job with this collab, I can't wait to see a second one if there's gonna be one!

Thumbs up!

And yes, this haves to be my longest review ever..



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Assios responds:

Wow, thank you for an awesome review!! It's a deep review of every single part. Thank you! And also thanks for informing me about the list of participants :D

Dumbledore is Gay Dumbledore is Gay

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Very very funny!

Cool animation and graphics, the animation is smooth and the graphics are better then the average flash on NG

Very funny storyline, you did a great job with the jokes you've put in!
You put in some famous Harry Potter characters like Snape, Harry and Hermione.. but I think Ron should've been in it too..
I laughed alot , it's kinda sick but just genious..
The funniest part was with the spells, erectie dickie!

The voices are great, Dumbledore got the perfect pedophilish voice!
And I think the voices of the other characters look alot like the original ones, so that's great too!
Funny song at the end, it fits in perfectly!

I always knew that Dumbledore is gay!



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RSQViper responds:

Thanks a lot, man.

Yeah, Ron would have been a good addition, but more people meant more voices and I don't know if I'd do a good Ron.

Thanks for the input!

Recent Game Reviews

Newgrounds Helpful Guide Newgrounds Helpful Guide

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Pretty cool!

'How the quiz looks' - It looks great, the game got the same colours as Newgrounds, orange and black. The font of the questions is the same as the font on Newgrounds too ( or it just looks alot like it). This is good, because the whole quiz is about Newgrounds.

Sound - The tune of the first menu was pretty funny, but kinda immature.
This quiz haves to be made seriously so that's why I think it doesn't fits in.
It made me smile though =)
The song in the game isn't really the best song I've heard, but it fits good with a quiz like this.
It's also great that you added a mute button, not many games got those.

The quiz - The questions and the answers are good, but the best answer is predictable.
That's because the best answers of questions 3-10 is always D, and the worst answer is A.
But I guess that's why you have to be honest for this quiz.

The good thing about this quiz is that you made explanations for all the questions, it made this quiz very helpfull and you can actually learn something from it.
So yeah, good job.

Points of improvement:

You could shuffle the answers next time, and maybe add a few extra songs so you can choose what song you want.
10 questions isn't really much, the quiz could be a bit longer with some more questions.
There's not really much to improve actually.


It's a nice quiz with good colours and it's great that it teaches you how to be a good Newgrounder.
It's also funny to know how helpfull you are for the Newgrounds community.
Keep the good guides coming!



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Sispri responds:

The format and design was based off of NG. I thought some little bells and whistles like the sound control would help. Maybe have a variety of music selections next time. And as for the explanations, we wanted this to be like the Zombie Survival Quiz.

We will shuffle the answers next time for increased difficulty.

Thanks for the awesome review, Nick!

Orange Runner Orange Runner

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Awesome Game!

Graphics/Animation - The game doesn't looks that great, but decent.
The back and foreground could have been drawn a bit better, just like the stick figure.
But I really liked the 'shield' when you pick the shield item up, the effects are amazing.
Graphics are definitely the worst thing of this game, but everything still looks nice and smooth so it doesn't really matters.

Sound - The song you've used is great and fits perfectly for this game, so good job on that.
But I missed the sound effects.

Gameplay - Well this game is just awesome and VERY addicting, I can't stop playing it.
The dodging of the objects doesn't makes the running boring, and the actual racing by pressing the spacebar makes the game harder, but better.

Points of Improvement:

Some stuff could be drawn on the foreground too, like some grass or other things, and there could be trees on the background.

You could have added some sound effects when you pick up an item or when you hit a 'spinning chainsaw thingy' ( I don't know how you call that).
You could even add some sound effects when you go over a button.
I think all these stuff would have made the game even better.


You could improve alot on this game, but it's a really addicting and great game, and that should be the thing that counts.
You did a great job with this game, thumbs up!

I hope that there'll be a sequal!



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Maxwelldoggums responds:

Thanks! You'll be happy to know that many of those features will be in the sequel.

Evasion - Tequila Evasion - Tequila

Rated 5 / 5 stars

funny game!

Gosh I can't stop playing this because it's so challenging once the colours start changing and every single thing you can imagine starts falling down.

The dancing people and the stuff that the stickfigure is saying is really funny...

Funny, great and challenging, yet simple.. Sounds like the perfect game!

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MinusNick responds:

I put a lot of work into the background actions! I'm glad you enjoyed them, and thanks for the review!

Recent Audio Reviews

Shredding Your Mind Shredding Your Mind

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hey Andrea, here's your first review! =)

Very nice intro, your intro haves a nice beat and the background music is building up quite good.

Then it changes to the actual beat, this one is very catchy and the melodie is very catchy too.
I was actually enjoying this very much until the strange beeps came.
Seriously, I didn't liked this part but I just personally don't like this kind of music.

But the part after those 'weird beeps' was pretty good, I enjoyed every second of it.
You're definitely improving with your songs, Andrea.

Still, this song is quite short and it can be boring since it haves a 'mild' beat and melodie.
It's not 'standing out' if you get what I mean.
You should 'pump up the volume' some more!

Overall it's a decent song though.

5/5 and 10/10 because you're cuter then me ;)


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ADR3-N responds:

Thanks. :P

I don't know how those got in there, lolz. Anyways, I kinda thought they sounded good. Everyone has their own tastes though. Since this is a test, I'll just leave them.

Also, the harp is a nice touch isn't it?

/M: Frozen Mind v1.2 /M: Frozen Mind v1.2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Yeah this one is pretty cool too, so I thought I should review it =)

The intro is great, but it's just way too long!
It takes forever(1 minute and 40 seconds) to get to the best part of this song, that's basicly why I'm giving it a 9 and not a 10..
But I really like that you first start building up with drums, then this girls say something and then you start building up again..

I kinda like the voice too, it's a sexy voice!
Just don't use voices too much, I don't like that in a trance song..

But then the good stuff comes, I really love the base and the melodie!
The combination of those to just blew my mind off!
The thing I really like about your work is that you change the song oftenly, this is the reason why your songs aren't boring to listen to..
You did the same with this song so great job and keep doing that!

The end was pretty cool too, it's a soft and smooth ending, which is great for a trance song!

Seriously, keep up the good work!



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Mich responds:

Yeah :p
I know about that buildup, I'll remember that.
Thanks for the review man!

/M: Twilight To Mydnite /M: Twilight To Mydnite

Rated 5 / 5 stars


The beat is great, this is exactly what I like!
The 'intro' is great too, it builds up pretty good!
Then the melodie starts to come in, louder and louder, building up to the greatest part of this song..
I just love this melodie, it fits perfectly with the beat...
Then you get another melodie again!
You did a great job with all those different melodies, it gives the song alot of variation, and I love to hear that in a song. It makes the song stand out and not boring...
Then the song starts building up again, which is really great!
And then an awesome remix of the first melodie, it just blew my mind off!

You did a great job with the different melodies, I respect that!

Keep up the good work!



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Mich responds:

Thank you So much!
I love this review :p

Thanks for loving it so much!