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I'm not active anymore.

2009-07-23 12:14:45 by Nikenick

And I like it.


2009-04-10 06:35:58 by Nikenick

It's the new trend

Challenge me :o


2009-03-22 12:57:51 by Nikenick


My Wii is broken.

2009-02-26 18:17:23 by Nikenick

Now what?

Goodbye Newgrounds..

2008-09-29 11:14:44 by Nikenick


Fuck it, I'm not leaving anymore.
I'm making a new blog once I finished my track :D

And I raised my mark for German, it's still kinda low (4/10) but it's higher then before!
I learned hard =)

-= New header by Mydnite =-


So ehm.. just talk about my new pic or about something random here , lol.

Goodbye Newgrounds..

I'll be less active in the future.

2008-09-21 07:39:51 by Nikenick

Yesterday, my mom and I talked alot about me being on the computer and Wii so much.
I had a holiday job, and she thinks that I should have a job right now.
I already sport 5x a week, so I'm pretty busy but she still thinks that I have to get one.
I agree a bit with her, but I'm not sure if I can handle all of this.
So yeah, getting a job means that I won't be online this much anymore, and my parents are going to limit the amount of time I can go online.
But the good thing about this is that I'll get more money = more money to go out = seeing alot of drunk people = drunk girls = girlfriend??
Well that's my logic =b

So anywaysssss.......
Here's my friend list + discriptions ( zomg zomg).

My best friends ( list in alphabetical order):

Andrea364 - I consider her my best friend on Newgrounds. She's one of my first friends and we've talked alot since we met eachother.
She's a really nice and kind person, and she always trys to help me out when I got a problem, I appriciate this much <3
She's kinda wacky sometimes but I love that ^_^

Azutom - He's a n****r who loves to suck cocks and put sharp objects in his dickhole.
Ehm... wtf?

Black-Ops - He's a pretty good Brawler, and a nice guy. Too bad that he can only Brawl on sundays.
We also talk on MSN sometimes.

Bilna - He makes pretty cool graffiti, he made me one too.
We talk alot on MSN.

Danny13 - He's a good flash artist, too bad that he deleted all his flash submissions because he hates this site.
He never goes on though, but I thought I should mention him since we talk alot on MSN and we brawl alot too.

Dools - He's a pretty nice guy but he's awkward.
He believes everything you say, rofl.
But he's nice, we talk on MSN.
And you still need to get WiFi, fucker >=)

Fullarsenal - Why the fuck did he changed his name? BenjaminBigelow was way better!
Anyways, he's kind of funny but I wish that he wouldn't spam fox so much ;)
MSN again, lol.

Gothclawz - I admire him because he can do really cool stuff with MSN and with the internet.
His life is only a bit pathetic, he claims that he's going to kill himself soon. =(
Please don't do it..

Irishgun - He makes wacky and really nice drawings, I love his drawing style and his humor is pretty funny too.

jaxpv - Not much to say about this guy. He's a good Brawler and he we talk on PM's

Kagoe - She's a huge Naruto fan and she makes awesome drawings. We talk ALOT on MSN, I think I talk to her the most out of anybody on Newgrounds :o

karlu20 - We used to talk alot, and she's a really kind person. Sadly, she's always busy now and we don't really have good conversations anymore.
Stop playing runescape.. I miss you =(

kRaZyAzN - He's a good brawler and he's asian!
He needs to improve more but he beats me sometimes...
When I use bad characters, yes =b

marianne13 - She's really kind, we talk alot and she added me on MSN but she never came online :o
Still, the orgy with RobotTaco was nice.

Niknk - Her nickname looks alot like mine :o
She's really nice, I love her typing style and she makes awesome drawings.
We talk on MSN alot when she's on, too bad she haves a busy life.

ShadowWest - What happened to the 2k7? I don't know. Anyways he sucks at Brawl, Mario Kart and Strikers Football. Nah joking, he's a cool guy who owns a Wii, a Xbox 360 and a PS3??? DAMN YOU, STEPHEN.
He can get angry a litle fast so I 'tease' him sometimes for fun, but I love him =b
Oh, he's the person who sent me my first PM.
And MSN.

Revert-07 - The younger brother of Black-Ops, he's a good brawler.
He's not really active on Newgrounds, but we talk on MSN and I helped him with a girl ;)

RobotTaco - He's such a fascinating guy, his point of view is so interesting. I learn alot from this guy and I think he doesn't realizes that.
He's really kind, and he knows what he wants in life.
And he always makes me laugh ^_^

X-creep - My best friend in life, the reason that I came to Newgrounds is because of him.
He's sadly just on Newgrounds to watch flash movies, I think he'd be a good poster on the BBS.
Yes guys, nobody is a greater friend then he is, be jealous ;)


AbstractPathologist - His posts are always funny, and I think that he looks alot like me.
And I'm sleepy now so I can't really write good discriptions -_-

Animetal - I know this guy for a really long time, but we started to be friends since a few weeks.
Nice guy, he only makes too much blogs about school ;)

I know that I missed alot of guys, but I'm not sure who really are my friends right now.
So if you think that you're my friend, just comment and I'll probaly put you up.
Don't worry if you're not on the list and just comment!

Oh, and I will post another picture of myself later with my new haircut, my hair is a bit shorter now (I'll probaly take the picture without shirt, I'm not sure yet).

I'm bored..

2008-09-11 12:35:44 by Nikenick

School started and all that stuff, it's SO BORING.

So post here if you're bored too or if you just wanna talk, or you can ask me a question of something.

Just post!


Got bored, made a long thread: 7480

*edit again*

Got bored again... photoshopped some NG staff members together.

I'm bored..

I got in a fight..

2008-09-06 17:01:02 by Nikenick

Let me tell you my story..

It was just a regular day, nothing much happened on school.
I was just cycling back to my house ( 9 miles), nothing special.
I was riding behind this group of 12-13 year olds, I usually ride behind a group so they'll 'catch' the wind so the cycling will be easier for me.

Then I suddenly saw this group of 5 persons walking down the street, they were 14-15 years old, all black and they were all wearing caps.
The group of 12-13 year olds came by, they suddenly started spitting on them for no reason.
I came by, 1 guy spitted on me.

I said: 'Fuck you man!'
He ran into me but I was still a few feet from him away, he said: 'C'mon then!'.
I got off my bike, he suddenly stood infront of me ( he was like a feet shorter then I am) and he pushed me.
I pushed him back, he punched me but I blocked ( thank you, Jiu Jitsu) and I kicked him in the balls.
He bent over and I gave him an elbow in his back, not really hard but it was enough to get him down for a minute.

The other guys ran into me too and someone else kicked me above my hips, it hurted but it didn't brought me down.
I kicked him back, it was really hard so he fell down.
The first guy was getting up at this point, but he didn't do anything after taking my hits.
So this third guy and fourth guy punch me in the stomach and in my back, they kinda surrounded me at this point and I felt like I was losing this fight.

So I started spinning with my fists around me to keep them away from me, and then I started running to my bike.
My bike was pretty far away so I could make use of my speed easily ( I broke the 100m sprint school record).

I didn't looked behind at this point, I just kept running.
So apperently some guy pulled out his knife or something, because I saw a knife flying right next to me ( thank god it didn't hit me).
So I got on my bike and I drove away, beaten up but safe.

I hope these guys won't find me again, or I'll be in big trouble.

The Truth about Cericon!

2008-08-30 17:05:21 by Nikenick

He pussys out when he's losing a discussion!

*a conversation before this was going on too, we came to the conclusion that I'm kinda homophobic sometimes*


And the nice part I left out is: Homophobics are 90% of the time, closet gays.


I like girls too much for that.


Telling yourself you do and always will love girls.


Drunk girls on the beach ftw ;)


See you in front of the closet.


You know that I once have beaten up a classmate for calling me gay?
Seriously, I don't like it. SO STOP IT!

Note: He called me gay alot of times before this conversation, and I asked him to stop it before, but then nicer. But I asked him to stop again now.


I've beaten people for saying bands I like sucked, anime sucks, and that one of my friends suck.
I'm more hardcore than you.


I don't fight much, but nobody fucks with me cuz of my strenght and skills(Jiu jitsu)


No body fucks with me because I'm a raging psycho path.
Or so they think.


One of my friends is a raging psycho path, he hitted 3 teachers once.
I know how to handle raging psycho paths.



I also have an extensive collection of swords and knives.
Do you know how to handle raging psycho paths with swords and knives?


Only weaklings fight with weapons.



It's if I needed one because someone like you would be a pussy and get a group of people to fight.
Or fight dirty.

Closet Gay.
Posting Message!


I would NEVER take a group of people with me, I fight fair because I have self-respect.

You have so much to learn about life, youngling


We're the same age, you fucker!


Your mind is young and unexperienced, my friend.


I know more about life and the world than you.


You're an average American, you know nothing about life outside America but you think you do.
Have you ever been OUTSIDE America? You know, other continents maybe?


Also, don't give a shit about other places.


Just like I thought, you're such a naïve American.


You're just jelous.


Yes, I'm very jealous that I'm not an American.
I really would have wanted to be dumber, knowing nothing about the outside world and I'd love to eat fastfood every day.


The top 10 academys in the world, 7 are American including the number one academy.
And I'm sure you enjoy living in an underpriveledged country.


Yup, that's just because America is gigantic compared to the Netherlands.
We're way smaller but that means that everything is way better here, I'd call America the underpriveledged country.


How are we underpriveledged when we have everything you guys wish you had?


We can drink when we're 16 here.
We don't have dumb discussions about gay marriages and euthenesia here.


3 Things.
We drink whenever we want and rarely get caught.
We have no fags here.
Your mother is a whore.


You're so weak, whenever I have some good points you just say simple stuff like 'OMG UR A FAG'
I can totally break you if wanna play it that way.

You might remember that discussion we had a long time ago ( we met eachother then) , you got really pissed off at me on a certain point.

I can go even further then that, so what you wanna do?


Go for it. The weakest ones are the people who think they can break others.


Yup, you're really imitating me.
Try to be original, stupid.


I wasn't imitating you.
And what happened to breaking me? Did you honestly think I'd back down if you waved that in front of me? How stupid.


Yes you were, I posted like almost the same sentence the whole time, so either you're imitating me or you got a lack of originatly. I guess it's the second thing.

It takes time, but only morons wouldn't understand that.


Go. Go and find that sentence or a sentence like that in any of our PMs. I will acknowledge that you win the arguement.

Also, way to completely ingnore the breaking thing.


You're imitating my sentences that I leave at the end of every PM, that's what I'm talking about.

You're so dumb, you can't break someone by just saying 1 thing or stuff, it takes time and alot of effort.
I got both, just wait.


Since you fail to provide me with any proof I conclude that you are both a liar AND a thief.

And, good luck with that, because so far your attempts at arguing and insulting me have been laughable.


Well you give me proof why I'm a liar and a thief then.

Since I haven't been really trying, it will come.. don't worry.


"totally break you i I can f I wanna play it that way."
"Yes you were, I posted like almost the same sentence the whole time,"
More lies.
"I'm not gay."
Biggest lie.

You fail at trolling, flaming, and arguing.
Wow, you're a triple failure.


I don't call that evidence, I call that opinions.

I haven't even tried anything , yet you judge me. How stupid.

You fail at life, everyone who loves you is dead. You probaly cry every day asking GOD why your dad had to die.

Yes, you're still so primitive that you believe in God.


HAHAH! If that's even close to your best, then I'm lol'ing.
Everyone loves me. My dad died because that's how it went down. And I don't give opinions, I give facts.
While you're in your cold, small, poor, underpriveledged and sorry excuse for a country, I sleep in a nice warm bed with an A.C. on even though it's cold already, my friends and family love me and it's a joy to be around me. You should thank whatever it is you people pray to that I even lower myself to speak to someone like you. Compare your life to mine, then kill yourself.


I can say that everybody loves me too, so yeah this is a pointless argue.
Only the person himself here knows what's true and what's not.

And don't you know anything about economics? America is in a crisis because of the war in Iraq, which makes euros worth more then dollars.
Damn, you're dumb. And The Netherlands is one of the richest countries of Europe so we're basicly in a better economic situation then you Americans.

Oh, you wanna compare lifes?

Hmm... you got nearly 7k posts in 16 months. I'm sure your friends love you because you're wasting your life on a shitty internet site. And I'm sure your friends love you too for being a psychopath.
I'm sure that your mother always wanted to raise a raging psychopath that's on the internet all by herself, since your father didn't succeeded at life.

The only reason why you're almost never on the internet is because your laptop isn't working.

My life is way better then yours will ever be, I broke some school records with running, I'm good looking, I'm really highly educated, my future is good looking since there aren't much people that can do the job that I wanna do ( but it's needed), I have alot of girls surrounding me every day and I had alot of girlfriends.

7k posts in less than 2 years... I envy you and your successful social life.
Your dad would be proud of you.


You're not the fist person to write several paragraphs about me, although you're the second who've I've not bothered to read.
You've obviously gotten your period so go change your tampons, I'll be doing something with myself.


So how do you know that the paragraphs are about you, if you didn't read them?
I know you did, and the thing that you're doing is probaly crying in a corner, you stupid emo.
Go cut yourself.


Crtl+f, you.
And I gave the PM a glance.
I said, "How pathetic is it to write this much about a single person. I wont even read it."
And I didn't.


It's even more pathetic that the persons claims that he didn't read it because he knows that he can't win the discussion.
You're so weak that you can't even admit that you can't win.
Yeah right, cutting yourself fits perfectly with your weak personality.


That arguement is so weak.
I'm sorry if I don't want to read the ramnblings of an idiot telling me how much of a dick or how wrong I am.


You know what's even weaker? Insulting a person and then when the person writes a really long paragraph then you don't read it.

First you WANT to have a discussion with me and then you don't even bother to read it because it's too long?
You're so pathetic and you act like a little boy, are you sure that you're 16?


No, you just got your period. Insulting someone about their age is the best way to admit that you've lost.
You have one more PM after this before I decide that you're annoying me and block you, if it isn't an appoligy then I'll block you.
Don't waste it on a petty insult, if you're going to insult me, make it good.


Blocking me just results in that I have to use my other 10 accounts on NG, and it's really weak.
Apology for what? You're the one who started this whole argue and started insulting me.
You remember? I guess you don't because you have so less braincells.


Appoligy for spewing your vagina blood everywhere.
Only 10 accounts? Pfft. I can bring down an army of alts upon you.
Bye Nick, way to be a dick.
Also, allow me, "Blocking me means you admit defeat." or something like that.

Awww... little Cericon blocked me.. isn't he cute?
How weak and cute isn't he a little cute bunny wunny?

The Netherlands

2008-08-28 14:42:31 by Nikenick

I live in this country, and I'll give you some reasons why I love it <3

- We can drink when we're 16.
My sweet 16 party was awesome ^_^

- Some drugs are legal here, the ones that make you happy and less aggressive.
Because of this you can make money in the drugs buisness since it isn't illegal.
80% of the tourists comes to The Netherlands for the drugs.

- We have proven that it's possible to live beneath the sea level.
Our Dikes and the 'Delta Works' are very beautiful to look at.
It's definitely worth the visit!

- We first made a very big dike to connect one part of our country to another. It's called the Afsluitdijk.
It's really amazing, but then we did something that's even better!
We turned a piece of sea into land, and we called it Flevoland!
So that whole provence used to be a part of the sea, amazing huh?

- Our country got the least car accident ratio of Europe, almost all our roads are very safe.
We introduced the green stripes between a road, which means that you can go 100km/h there.

- Our schools are really REALLY good compared to other countries, I really noticed that the average Dutch person knows way more then the average American.
This is probaly because our schooling system
is way different then the system of other countries.

- We were the first country in the world where Euthanesia and gay marriages were allowed. Just click the links and read the articles to know more ;)

- We have an unique political system
Again, read the articles

- We are the tallest people in the world, I'm 6'5 myself =)

- We don't have a strict religion
Not many people are christian or muslin or have another religion.

- We're famous for our clogs, Polders, Windmills and Tulips

I'll add more stuff later, I hope this was educational for you. Thanks for reading!

I'm starting a new friend list, since almost all my friends don't talk to me anymore.
Here are my true friends ( I guess):


The Netherlands